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FAQ: CPS Analytical Services

Customer Segmentation and Modeling

Your data is valuable,
and together we'll help you unlock its potential.

How do I know if analytical services are right for my business?

  • Do you wonder who your ideal or average customer is?
  • Do you wish you could predict what your customers are interested in?
  • Do you want to know more details about your current customers to provide greater personalization in your marketing?
  • Do you want to improve your marketing ROI and attribution?
  • Have you been through an acquisition or have one upcoming?

CPS analytics allow you to address these questions and many more as you look to acquire, retain and cross-sell customers.

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Do we have to be a CPS customer to use you for analytical services?

Our analytical and modeling services are available to customers and new partners alike. We're happy for these analytical services to be your first relationship with CPS.

  • Customer Profile

  • Customer

  • Acquisition, Cross-Sell,
    and Up-Sell Models

  • Next-Logical-Product

We're not familiar with data modeling or analytics. Where would we start?

Modeling and analytics take your own customer data and mine it for actionable insights using advanced mathematics. Our data experts will guide you through the process, starting by discussing your marketing goals and identifying what data we need to support you. After coordinating a secure data transfer, our experts will analyze your customer information to provide profiles, segmentation, or models.

If you have acquisition goals and want to look at cross-sell or upsell, analytics can help you identify those individuals or households most likely to need a product or service. Or if you're looking to expand your footprint and acquire customers in a new or existing market, analytics can help you predict who is most likely to switch to your bank and accept your offers.

What is the turnaround time for an initial customer analysis or segmentation?

Once we have your customer data, our basic customer profile analysis is ready in two weeks, and all other services are delivered in three weeks.

Data privacy and compliance are key issues. Can you detail your process?

To ensure the security of this data, we apply industry- standard best practices when data is coming in, being processed, and being sent out. All data is automatically encrypted when received, and automatically decrypted when accessed by an authorized user. We also use secure file transfer protocols when moving large amounts of data to ensure the right data is transferred to the right system.

Additional data controls related to financial services also apply to ensure compliance with regulations related to personally-identifiable information, financial products, and other protected data. We will carefully outline and walk you through every step of the process.