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Hosted Email

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Ensure your email communications are secure and compliant with CPS' email solutions. Developed exclusively for banks and credit unions. In addition to our award-hosted email solutions, CPS provides institutions with SPAM filtering email encryption and server virtualization and replication.


The speed of business just got faster. Pure Hosted Email & Docs from CPS moves office applications to the cloud, turning work essentials like email, documents, calendars, contacts and more into vibrant tools. Communicate, create, and collaborate from anywhere, anytime, on any device in a secure cloud environment. Small business now has a choice over software and email servers requiring costly capital investments. Putting your email in the cloud means you pay only for what you use while enjoying timely backup and spam filtering essentials automatically. So, shed the layers, CPS offers two great options: Microsoft Office® 365 and Google® Apps/

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Compliant / Secure

Our multi-level SPAM protection is built with advanced email encryption, including reporting for validation. Your data is protected in secure, fully redundant and geologically diverse data centers. Your data safety is priority with CPS! CPS' email solutions adhere to the Gramm Leach Billey Act, is FFIEC compliant and comes with vendor mangement tools to meet regulatory needs, We are SSAE 16 Certified which makes audits easy.